How Much Does Telemedicine Cost?


As a result of the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, individuals are asked to maintain social isolation, go to self-quarantine, and take precautionary steps. Many hospitals have also suspended their OPDs and advised individuals to prevent the spread of virus transmission by using telemedicine. Telemedicine app development has started to transform the healthcare industry. Here we are discussing that How Much Does Telemedicine Cost?

Telemedicine is the distribution or transmission by telecommunication technologies of healthcare information as well as services. It enables testing, diagnosing, and treating patients in real-time without consulting the doctor in person. This pandemic situation actually needs something like telemedicine that offers people, seeking medical advice, a forum where they can directly communicate with doctors.

Telemedicine software development is now the primary goal of healthcare organizations wishing to offer healthcare services to patients from a distance. When it comes to routine checkups or coping with patients who have trouble getting to their appointments either due to lack of transportation options or accessibility concerns, telemedicine software is a perfect solution. In mitigating the spread of infection and protecting your patients from virus exposure, it has also become an important factor. Telemedicine is treating a patient without the physician meeting the patient in person. By using live images, audio, and also transmitted to the patients their diagnosis.

The cost of telemedicine app development depends on its features and functionality, the approach to growth, and the vendor. However, to guarantee a quality outcome, you should pay attention to a few distinctive features that typically require more funding.

Be ready to pay about $250 K for a telemedicine app if you plan to get it built in Central and Western European countries. You should expect to spend about $100 K while working with an outsourcing / offshore firm in Ukraine. It can be established in the shortest possible term and with a limited budget if you just need a fast solution for your doctors. But it’s different if you are trying to create a market for reselling. Apps will go beyond $200 K with more mature features and higher complexity.

If you are in a hurry and the solution you are looking for should be ready for “yesterday,” you can release the first version with the necessary functionality for one platform (iOS, Android, or Web) and continue to add new features after that. It is a common procedure, and it operates that way often.

The cost of Telemedicine app development relies on a collection of features that you need for your software. A complete telemedicine app requires approximately 1,500 hours of development time and costs $75,000 with a $50 / hour development rate.

Here are some key elements that related costs to remember whether you are exploring your telemedicine options, applying for a grant, or just needing to put your budget plans together.

1. Medical Devices for Specialties

Depending on the specialities you plan to service with telemedicine, the particular medical devices you need, can vary. The good news is since many equipment providers have flexible and modular telemedicine systems, you don’t need to have all the answers right away. This means that, as the software grows into other specialities, you can buy only what you need to get started and then add extra devices later on.

The cost of medical equipment can vary from $5,000-$10,000 for basic primary care services, including devices such as the test camera, the ENT scope, and the optical stethoscope.

2. Platform for Contact and Requires for Video Conference

Reliable, reliable communication platforms are required for efficient, remote interactions between patients and providers. This is how the contact of an in-office visit is imitated by doctors. Vendors use various technology names, but you want a multi-capability portal, like hosting patient appointments and aggregating and relaying data from mobile medical devices. Consider any systems currently used by your facility when considering video conferencing in healthcare, as they could integrate with your communication platform. A patient site costs between $1,000 and $1,500 for software-based teleconferencing. Hardware-based systems are between $7,000 and $10,000 per patient on average, with costs growing as remote providers are introduced.

3. Recommendations on Bandwidth and Internet Access

You will be happy to know that to make telemedicine a possibility for your online clinic, you do not need to invest in a major infrastructure upgrade. Of course, depending on factors like location and size or your organization, the precise specifications can vary, but the most important consideration is not how much bandwidth you need, but rather how efficient and consistent your bandwidth is.

The most popular Internet connections are shared with others, which can cause lag and disruption of upload and download speeds at busy times. But the first move is to find a trustworthy Internet service provider with a dedication to quality service. If possible, buy a business-grade service to ensure that your real-time data is not disrupted or compromised in any way, so that you experience a more reliable bandwidth capacity.

4. Training

Training is another cost that must be taken into account, both for the staff who work with patients and for instruct patients to log in and use the system.

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