Case Study

Swasth Bhoomi

January 13, 2023

Swasth Bhoomi VCDoctor Case Study

About Swasth Bhoomi

Swasth  Bhoomi is an online doctor consultation platform offering cancer patients access to quality home healthcare. The platform allows patients to speak directly with doctors about their symptoms and health concerns. It provides a secure online environment where doctors can discuss treatment options with patients. 

Swasth  Bhoomi is a valuable resource for cancer patients who want to take their treatment into their own hands. It provides access to top-rated doctors and allows them to track their treatment progress easily. 

Patients can also receive support from the Swasth  Bhoomi team, which is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns. Swasth  Bhoomi is a powerful tool that can help cancer patients get the treatment they need and improve their health.

Our Team Size and Deadline


5 Members

BA (1) | Project manager (1) | Developers (1) | Content writer (1) QA (1)

Project Duration

2 Month

Project Completed in Committed Timeline

Client Information


Industry: Healthcare

Estimated Budget

Ask Budget

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Our Process

  • 1

    Requirements Gathering

    Market Understanding localization

  • 2


    User Flow Designing

  • 3


    Mobile Application & Website

  • 4


    Ensuring the product quality. Website Publishing

  • 5


    Mobile Store Publishing & Website Publishing

  • 6

    Support and Maintenance

    Attain the enhanced & steady performance of the system.

Technology Stack

.Net MVC

.Net MVC



React Native 

Challenges Addressed by us

As one of the leading cancer care providers, our client realized that cancer patients had to face many impediments to accessing care. 

  • First and foremost was cost. Cancer treatment is costly, as are the added costs such as transportation, lodging, child care, parking, etc. 
  • The next challenge was the limited availability of cancer specialists. Patients had to wait long before their turn came to see the doctor.
  • Lastly, paper-based patient record management also needed a digital makeover. It would promote better collaboration and transparency in care.

Our team was tasked with building an online doctor appointment and consultation platform. This platform would allow patients to schedule appointments with their doctors online. And Because the platform is online, it can be used from anywhere in the world. Patients can even video chat with their doctors for added convenience. 

Besides patients, the platform also needed role-specific features for admins, laboratories, providers, and staff. 

What Plans & Solutions We Implemented?

We wanted to build an intuitive and user-friendly platform for cancer patients to consult with their doctors online. To do this, we used Html/CSS, Javascript, .Net MVC, DB – MSSQl, and Mobile – React Native.

Html/CSS, Javascript

We designed our website using Html/CSS. We used a combination of CSS and JavaScript to create an elegant and user-friendly design. Our website is responsive, so it looks great on any device. We also used CSS to create a consistent look and feel across all our pages.

.Net MVC

We used .Net MVC to build our website’s backend. This allowed us to easily manage our website’s content and make changes to the website’s code. We also used DB – MSSQl to store our patients’ information. This allowed us to query our database for information about our patients easily.


We knew hospitals would generate a large amount of data. We used DB-MSSQl to store patient data, track appointments, and manage billing and payments in real-time. Using the DB – MSSQl was a good choice, as it can provide several benefits, such as reliability and scalability, and handle a large amount of data without compromising platform performance.

React Native for Mobile

We used Mobile–React Native to build our website’s front end. This allowed us to build a mobile-friendly website that looks and feels the same on all devices. We also used React Native to create an intuitive and user-friendly patient experience.

Using these technologies, we built an intuitive and user-friendly platform that allows cancer patients to connect with their doctors online.

Features of Swasth Bhoomi Platform

The platform allows cancer patients to book appointments with their doctor online and view their current health status. The platform is easy to use and provides a user-friendly interface optimized for mobile devices. 

We designed the platform to be flexible and modular so that it can be easily updated and expanded as our needs change. We also implemented security features to protect the privacy of our patients. Swasth Bhoomi’s platform also offers a variety of other role-specific features, such as Admin, Patient, Doctor, Pharmacist, and Diagnostic. 

Here’s an overview of Admin, Provider, and Pharmacist level features: 

Admin Features Provider Features Pharmacist Features

Manage users and roles 

Create/manage consultations

Upload and manage files 

Manage appointments 

View statistics

Custom dashboard


Calendar view

Appointment management

Patient record

 Inventory management

Prescription management

Customer management

Vendor management

Billing and invoicing

Swasth Bhoomi Features

Why Choose Us For Your Next Project?

We can help you create a custom telehealth solution that meets your needs. We have extensive experience developing telehealth applications and can help you choose the right technology, configure the system, and integrate it with your existing IT infrastructure. We also offer training and support services to ensure your telehealth solution is always running smoothly.

Custom Healthcare Software

HIPAA Compliant Solution

Appointment Booking System

Digital Smart Health Card

HDR Video Consultation

User Membership Plans

Extensive Provider’s Features

24*7 Team Support

Join us in the world of healthcare

We developed a HIPAA-compliant web portal that will bring patients and doctors together to execute business transactions for their consultation and treatment needs.

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