Frequently Asked Questions

For Patient
Video consultation gives you all the comfort that you will not get if you visit in person. You can get in touch with your doctor with just a few clicks instead of scheduling your appointments and waiting for the same.
Yes, and this case only applies when you don't require a physical examination. Video consultation through the VCDoctor platform is effective just as in-office appointments. You will receive quality care, and the doctor will only recommend video consultation when appropriate.
Your regular health insurance usually covers these appointments — you will be charged the same fee as an office visit. Alternatively, ask your doctor's office about the possibility of paying yourself.
To schedule or re-schedule a video consultation, you will have to search the doctor and check the availability of the timeslot. Now, you can book an appointment as per your scheduled time.
Yes, we do so, but please take note that these claims might take longer to process, and the reason for the same is that they are processed twice.
iOS, Android, or Web.
The consultation is not timely-based but lasts until and unless the patient is satisfied. Our utmost priority is to solve patient's concerns.
Yes, you can re-schedule your appointment within 24 hours.
If you miss the consultation call, you will not receive a refund, but instead, you will have to re-schedule your appointment before the scheduled consultation time.
Yes, you can consult with the doctor as per your choice.
For Provider/ Clinic/ Startups
VCDoctor helps you manage your healthcare establishment, clinic, or daily staff operations and it does not help directly drive new patients to your clinic.
Undoubtedly Yes! No one has access to your system without your permission, as VCDoctor is integrated on your personal cloud following HIPAA-compliant rules.
You will not have to do anything. Our implementation team will help you through the entire data import so that you can get started immediately.
VCDoctor is designed considering all the essential points that a telemedicine app should have. We can customize VCDoctor as per your requirements, but the essential features can only be molded. To know in detail, take help from our experts.
We start ASAP once the documentation is ready. We help you with your telemedicine app journey from research to deployment within the given time.
VCDoctor provides 24*7 support, and after the implementation, we provide training to the staff. This will help the staff members to use VCDoctor in their comfort.
We have our dedicated support team to help you 24x7. You can reach us through mail: and contact no. (+1) 949-340-7490
No, you will not have to purchase the software again as all updates are free. It's a one-time investment model.
No, online profiling is entirely free.
Yes, you can host VCDoctor on your premise, and it is completely secure as we provide hosting on your personal cloud.