A Truly and Customizable TeleMedicine Solution

VCDoctor is a HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine platform that brings patients and doctors together on a single platform that makes patients and physician communication easy and effortless.

HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine platform

Used by Clinics, Hospitals & Telemedicine Businesses in over 10+ countries

Grow Your Practice

Attract more patients with our comprehensive All-In-One solution. Get all the tools to thrive in the digital world. From top-notch websites and reputation management to patient-friendly mobile apps and targeted marketing campaigns.

  • Attract patients online with an SEO-optimized, no-code website.
  • Elevate your online presence and win over new patients.
  • Create customized patient mobile apps to promote your practice
  • Expand patient base with targeted digital campaigns

Patient-Centered Care

Make the patient experience a breeze! Delight your patients with the convenience features they deserve, like hassle-free online booking, automatic appointment reminders, easy online payments, and secure access to their patient portal.

  • Accept Appointment Bookings Online.
  • Minimize no-shows with Auto Reminders and Notifications.
  • Simplify payments with online payment options.
  • Secure EMR solution for safe patient data access.

Transform Care with Top-Tier Solutions

Stay connected and deliver care in a flexible manner with telehealth video visits, chat consultations, e-prescriptions, subscription care plans and more. Enhance patient engagement and outcomes with real-time communication and patient education.

  • Telehealth video visits for easy virtual care.
  • Subscription plans for continuous care and support.
  • Real-time text/chat consultations.
  • Educate, engage and empower patients.

Simplified Solutions for Simplified Practice

Take control of your practice with an all-in-one solution! Manage patients, team, billing, and operations all from one place. Here's how:

  • Streamline patient notes with our easy-to-use feature.
  • Keep your billing organised with credits, refunds, and detailed reports.
  • Set up professional profile pages for your healthcare providers.
  • Define services and team schedules for smoother operations.
  • Help patients get their prescriptions filled and lab tests are done hassle-free.
White Label Telehealth Platform

Your brand, your logo- the spotlight is all yours with a fully white-label telehealth solution.

Multiple Language Support

Leave no room for guesswork. Offer patient care and support in 4 languages.

Secure and Compliant

100% Patient data safety with GDPR and HIPAA Compliant Solution.

Stellar Support

Get support anytime anywhere with our world-class helpdesk.

Regional Clouds

Keep patient data closer and safer with a trusted regional cloud partner or choose dedicated hosting.


Secure and ready-to-use APIs for seamless integration into other platforms.

Best-in-class White Label Telemedicine Solution

VCDoctor is a white label telemedicine solution that helps in consultations anytime, anywhere. This solution saves time and money with its unique features.

Features of patient app

Patients can use this TeleMedicine solution for virtual consultations and avoid long queues.

  • Doctor Search
  • Appointment Booking & Scheduling
  • Video Conferencing
  • Online Payment
  • Manage Personal Health Records
  • E-Prescription
  • Medical Records
  • Data Security
  • Registration feature
  • Text Consultations
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This solution makes it easy for you to manage everything on your smartphone or tabs remotely.

  • HD 2-way Video
  • Online Booking Appointment
  • Online Payment Collection
  • Electronic Charting
  • eConsent
  • Patient e-visit Management
  • Automated Follow up Call
  • Telemedicine Reports
  • Integration
  • Compliance & Security
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Features of clinic app
Features of telehealth provider app

Doctors can get benefitted from this solution in many ways through its top-notch features.

  • Mobile payments and billing
  • Easy access to prescriptions and notes
  • Easy appointments Management
  • Appointment Booking System
  • Access to Patient Records
  • RPM Integration
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • E Prescription
  • Video Conferencing
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VCDoctor helps startups to develop and start their own business with this visionary solution.

  • Highly Customizable
  • True White-label
  • Build your Server
  • Support after Launch
  • Scalable Solution
  • Robust App
  • Easy Operation
  • Latest Development Tools
  • End to End Support
  • Data Ownership
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telehealth solutions for startups

VCDoctor- Best TeleHealth Solution for your Business

VCDoctor helps to remove the distance barriers and increase access to medical services that are often not reliably available in distant rural areas. This service is also used to save lives in critical care and emergencies.

This service proves to be a blessing in an emergency as in such situations; a person may forget to collect all the records before leaving for the hospital. But, if the person is having the medical records stored online, then the hospital staff may review them quickly and start the treatment immediately.

This telemedicine application is cloud-based, so nothing is stored on any specific machine or device. This means that you can access it from any corner of the world. All your need is an internet connection and your credentials.

We ensure that all your data is safe and secure. Nobody can upload, modify or view any information without your permission. All the information you enter is confidential and is stored on our servers in an encrypted format.

No matter how old the record is, you can search with just a few clicks. In addition, you can access your records even when you are on the go. Your all health records will be with you always, no matter in which corner of the world you are in.

VCDoctor- HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine Software

We are working on two of the most revolutionary concepts of the Healthcare sector. These concepts are “Preventive Healthcare” and “Digitalization of Health Records.” With the help of our next-level telehealth solution, the healthcare providers’ tasks become manageable, thus increasing their revenue.



Manage chronic care patients to slow the progression of kidney disease, prevent dialysis and/or transplantation, and develop care plans for patients receiving kidney replacement therapy.



Treat chronic diseases such as chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV), ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).



Manage patients with chronic diseases, such as diabetes and thyroid disease, and adjust different hormone and hypertension treatments.



Manage treatment plans for patients with congenital heart failure and cardiovascular disease requiring continuous treatment.



Provide continuous treatment for patients with COPD, asthma, bronchitis, and mechanical ventilation.

Infectious Disease

Infectious Disease

Monitor the progression of symptoms and quickly adjust the level of antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals, and other drugs due to unforeseen side effects.

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