How To Use Telehealth in Diabetes Management

telehealth in diabetes management, Telehealth platform

Telehealth has completely changed the parameters of diabetes management with its dependency on diagnostics and patient management. Telemedicine diabetes treatments include various measures such as video or telephone visits, text reminders, CGM systems, Bluetooth glucose meters, mobile applications specially designed for diabetes management. Until recently, Telemedicine seemed like a distant future, an emerging treatment with promising but limited access. Then both clinicians and patients entered this technological future, whether they were ready or not. Now that so much infrastructure has been built over the past year and so many of…

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How To Increase Patient Engagement In Healthcare During Pandemic

patient engagement in healthcare, Healthcare patient engagement, healthcare software,

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 was a significant event for all health practices. Many doctors and clinics were forced to either close their doors, redesign their practice locations, or switch to virtual patient visits using telemedicine software—this impacted patient engagement in the healthcare industry. The pandemic has severely affected healthcare infrastructure across the world. Also, it affects the relationship between patients and healthcare providers. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, patients are trapped in the home and cannot visit their doctors. During this period of isolation and quarantine, providers must focus…

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What is Teledentistry: Benefits, Use Cases & Adoption Challenges

What is teledentistry, Benefits teledentistry

Teledentistry can be described as a concoction of telecommunications and dentistry. Patients get in touch with their dentists over a telephonic model to share their problems and receive treatment. benefits of Teledentistry is a revolutionary field with many potencies to enhance access to oral health care and reduce costs. It also has the potential to close the gap in oral health between rural and urban communities. Teledentistry can also be explained as data transmission from one point to another using telecommunications technology.  Teledentistry has not been around; it’s almost new…

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What are the Benefits of Telemedicine in Mental Health Care?

Telemedicine mental health, telemedicine in mental health

Telemedicine psychiatry offers instant telephone access to a nationwide network of doctors and nurses 24/7, ready to provide medical and prescription services. Most people are unaware that telemedicine is in use for over forty years to bring healthcare to people in remote areas. The benefits of telemedicine in mental health have been a miracle to patients around the world. It has helped millions of patients with their mental health issues such as trauma, depression, and more.  Distance health not only benefits patients but expands the range of doctors and healthcare facilities.…

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How is Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Transforming the Industry’s Capabilities?

Blockchain technology in healthcare, blockchain technology in future, blockchain technology

Blockchain technology has been immensely popular in the current times. Not only this, but technology has gathered a lot of attention from businesses and investments. But, it has not yet reached its full potential in the blockchain Technology healthcare industry. Blockchain technology is driving demand for revolutionary and evolutionary changes that are yet to take effect in the healthcare sector. Blockchain and healthcare play a vital role in advancing the healthcare sector. Quality care is an objective of healthcare institutions. With the added benefit of affordable costs, leading to patient-centered…

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Why Telemedicine is the Future of Healthcare Industry: Top Reasons

Telemedicine Future, telemedicine future of healthcare, future of telemedicine, future of telemedicine in healthcare

We are moving deeper into a digital world. In the same way, the future of telemedicine in healthcare is bright. Telemedicine is mandatory for both patients and healthcare professionals in uncertain times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  The focus is now on telemedicine, and for a good reason. With the help of telemedicine services, you can book an appointment and consult your doctor from the comfort of your own home.  According to a report by Global Market Insights, the value of the telemedicine market by 2026 will be $ 175.5…

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How to Use Telemedicine in Cancer Care

telemedicine, telemedicine in cancer care, telemedicine software

The implementation of emerging technologies in the healthcare sector has produced excellent digital health solutions during the pandemic. Telemedicine and virtual therapy have gained massive popularity in the last two years because of the pandemic. The use of the technology in the healthcare sector is well known, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, its use has accelerated with newer healthcare innovations. Despite its various limitations, its widespread use in clinical care, especially telemedicine in cancer care offers an alternative to more inventive work and effective communication methods. Telemedicine, as a way…

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What is Telemedicine Platform: Benefits for Patient & Doctor, Challenges

Telemedicine Platform, Telemedicine benefits for Patient Telemedicine, benefits for Doctor

Telemedicine platform is a way to reduce costs while providing consumers with less hassle, such as reduced travel time. It solves current problems, such as the lack of qualified medical staff. Communication technology has advanced so far that doctors can provide good virtual consultations. The growing popularity of Telemedicine platform Technology is changing every sector, including healthcare. Modern information and communication technologies (ICTs), such as computers, the Internet, and mobile phones, are changing the way people interact, search for and exchange information, and enriching people’s lives. It has great potential…

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Telehealth Platform: 7 Things to Consider While Choosing

7 Things to Consider While Choosing the Right Telehealth Platform

Telehealth platform is a new buzzword in the health sector. Although there has been some kind of virtual counseling for many years, think when you last spoke to for patient on the phone – today, long-distance health is gone mainstream, accelerated by technological development, but also deepened by the world economy closures and quarantines. We don’t need to remind you of that and how it has changed how we work now and perhaps in the future. An individual practitioner or group will both work to create their identity, investing time…

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Best Telemedicine Software 2022: Compared

Best Telemedicine Software 2022, Best telemedicine software, Best telemedicine Platforms

The development of IT and mobile technology means that telemedicine software platforms have become very accessible and increasingly capable. It has been particularly useful in monitoring patients with pre-existing conditions, even at a distance. But it is important to do your homework before choosing the best telemedicine software.  For patients, the dream is to jump into a video chat rather than drive your sick self into your office. The best telemedicine solution enables remote clinical care that allows doctors and patients to communicate online through video conferences. So, we have…

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