The Importance of ERP System in Healthcare: A Comprehensive Guide

ERP System

Shifts in technology have accelerated working in the healthcare industry. Technology like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is introduced to remove the shaft from the different channels and work seamlessly. So, what is an ERP System, and the Importance of an ERP System in Healthcare? The article is an insight into ERP solutions that have surfed several times on the Internet.  According to statistics, the US healthcare ERP market would grow by around $2.1 Billion by 2025. With the expansion of the mechanism, the Global Healthcare ERP Market size is expected…

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Debunking Top 10 Telemedicine Myths

Telemedicine myths, telemedicine software, telemedicine

In the world of advanced technologies, it’s common to have some myths about a particular technology. Telemedicine is no different; the healthcare market is brimming with these telemedicine myths. You will be surprised to know that people on the Internet are attracted to more negative things than positive ones. In this blog, we will be debunking several top myths of Telemedicine that are prevailing in the global market. Given the particularly slow adoption of technology in healthcare, the idea of telemedicine might still be new to clinicians and physicians. Telemedicine…

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Telemedicine for Mental Health: A Convenient and Effective Solution

Telemedicine for Mental Health

Did you know that mental illness in health care is often under-represented? Mental healthcare is more likely to be in physical healthcare. They tend to have psychiatrists and psychotherapists. But mental health care is still essential, and Telemedicine has revolutionized mental health care by allowing patients to access mental health services from the comfort of their own homes. Telemedicine services is a way of delivering health services over long distances. It has seen an incredible rise in the last few years as its benefits become more and more visible in…

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How to Defeat Post-Covid Barriers of Telemedicine?

Barriers Of Telemedicine

An Australian doctor in 1900 propounded the term “Telemedicine.” He utilized a two-sided radio to transfer a medical advertisement. But the sense of the term was evolved significantly over time. Telemedicine is a methodology offering remote healthcare with the healthcare providers & center’s to the patient in different geographical areas. During this COVID-19 crisis, Telemedicine app development has emerged as the pioneer tool for treating a maximum number of patients. But post-covid barriers have set back all the functioning associated with healthcare. People are looking up for How to overcome…

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The Importance of DICOM Viewer in Healthcare: An Overview


In the past decades, the healthcare sector has seen its peak in the very short run. It not only became technically adept in dealing with new technologies but contributed many high-profile services in the meantime. One of the pioneer services the healthcare sector has put to the sea is DICOM. Now all the readers are now contemplating What is DICOM Viewer is in healthcare and how does it work? Well, the answer is well explained in the article. In the nutshell, DICOM is a worldwide accepted phenomenon in the medicine…

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The Benefits of Teledermatology for Dermatologists


Dermatologists telemedicine solutions is a subspecialty of dermatology and probably among the most popular applications of e-health and telemedicine. The field of teledermatology has faced drastic improvements over overtime. It has various Benefits of Teledermatology for Dermatologists. The dermatologist may conduct consultations with another dermatologist, a general practitioner, another health practitioner or directly with the patient. Teledermatology may be restricted to a certain area such as dermatopathology (teledermatopathology), dermoscopy (teledermoscopy) or triage of skin lesions. Benefits of Teledermatology: Teledermatology offers several benefits for both patients and healthcare providers. By utilizing remote…

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How Much Does a Telehealth Visit Cost?

Telehealth Visit Cost, Telehealth Visit

Over the past few years, a change has been witnessed in the way patients used to access healthcare services. It is because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the evolution of telehealth services. Following the stringent coronavirus regulations, people are moving toward telehealth services to reduce in-person doctor visits. Along with it, telehealth visits are less costly and less time-consuming than in-person doctor visits. But exactly how much does a telehealth appointment cost? Or what are the factors that influence the cost of telehealth visit? Here in this blog, we will…

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Application, Benefits, and Challenges of Telemedicine in India

Telemedicine in india

Telemedicine services include the use of electronic communications and software to get treatment without visiting a doctor’s place. This technology is mostly used for the treatment of old diseases, management of medication, virtual visits, specialist consultation and a host of other clinical services which can be provided remotely through secure video and audio connections. So telemedicine in India is also known as “video visits,” or “online doctor visits,” and can be implemented through smartphones, tablets, or computers. Applications of Telemedicine in India Telemedicine in India has a number of use…

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Transforming Pathology: The Future of Telepathology in Healthcare


Telemedicine has become an indispensable tool for many healthcare professionals in recent years. But what about areas of medicine that need a more specialized touch? One field in particular that telemedicine services can transform is Telepathology. Think of Pathologists as medical detectives. They investigate the cause of diseases by analyzing tissue samples. As such, it requires considerable precision and accuracy. Telepathology, which involves using white-label telemedicine in pathology, can revolutionize the practice. In this article, we’ll explore how telepathology can transform pathology. Telepathology In Telemedicine Imagine you have a friend…

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The Power of Technology in Healthcare: Enhancing Patient Satisfaction

Technology in Healthcare

Technology in healthcare has become an essential, and the trend is only growing. From artificial intelligence to virtual reality, new technologies are being used in healthcare to improve patient care, enhance diagnosis accuracy, streamline administrative processes, and reduce costs. The use of technology trend in healthcare is becoming increasingly prevalent as it offers several advantages, such as improved communication between providers and patients, increased accuracy in diagnosis and treatment planning, and better access to medical records and data analysis capabilities. As technology continues to evolve rapidly, the potential for emerging…

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