Why People Prefer VCDoctor Over Other Telemedicine Solutions for Patient?

To help the patients ease their tasks and the time they are giving while scheduling their appointment, we have come up with VCDoctor Solution. This extraordinary white-label Telemedicine Solution saves your time and efforts by connecting you to the doctors with just a few clicks. Also, you can leverage the benefit of taking the consultation at the ease of your home. The advanced features of VCDoctor for patients include:

  • Easy and seamless calendar management to manage daily schedule
  • Patient can add a doctor to his primary care team
  • Appointment Booking using calendar and a better scheduling system with help of Patient Coordinator
  • Patient can add a doctor to his primary care team
  • Device Integration (Blood Sugar, Temperature, BP, Oxygen Level, Weight, BMI)
  • Pills Reminders
  • Seamless communication with patients via messages
VCDoctor - HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine Software

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VCDoctor’s offers patients the unique opportunity to book an appointment with a doctor of their choice any time of day and night. They also get automated alerts about the status of their appointment requests. Check the given below steps that you have to follow.

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With VCDoctor, store, sort, and simplify your medical records in one easily accessible online profile. Patients can share their health records and test reports exclusively with their healthcare providers, and at the same time, doctors can also update patients' Personal Health Records, which patients can view on their app. Contact our experts and book a demo now!

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