Why People Prefer VCDoctor Over Other Telemedicine Solutions?

With the help of VCDoctor, access your entire patient database and all of their health information in one place. Get a comprehensive view of all of your patients' health data to help you make informed decisions about their care. Also, VCDoctor is a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform that adheres to all the privacy and security rules. With our platform, specialists can keep an eye on the health condition of patients post-surgery from a distance. VCDoctor provides the following doctor-level features:

  • Easy and seamless calendar management to manage daily schedule
  • An easy calendar view to mark the availability slots
  • Tracking of patients and their health charts
  • Doctor can manage their specialization and add specialization as well
  • Coordination with Patient Coordinator and Patient
  • Consultation with Patient Video, Visit
  • Doctor can give prescription and treatment advice/prescriptions
  • Seamless communication with patients via messages
  • An easy track of past appointments, communications, and advice/prescriptions
  • Track patient's vital in real time
VCDoctor - HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine Software

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VCDoctor facilitates accessing and sharing patient health information such as patient history, gaps in care, prescription guidelines, and wellness programs at once during an online checkup for better collaborative care and treatment. For better understanding, go through the steps shown below.

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Monitor patients on your remote care or chronic care plan through periodic updates. Your patients can share information from their home health monitoring devices and connected apps as well. Contact our experts and book a demo now!


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