Use of Telemedicine in Rural Areas: Overview

Telemedicine in rural areas, Telemedicine platform

The first widely accepted use of telemedicine via video occurred in 1959 in all of Nebraska. The Institute of Psychiatry at the University of Nebraska set up a two-way closed-circuit television system and transmitted the signal to the classrooms to allow students to monitor and facilitate psychiatric examinations. As in the 60s in many areas of technology, NASA took the next big steps in this area. Telemetry was already in place in many places across the space shuttle; the addition of some systems to monitor the vital signs of an…

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How To Use Telehealth in Diabetes Management

telehealth in diabetes management, Telehealth platform

Telehealth has completely changed the parameters of diabetes management with its dependency on diagnostics and patient management. Telemedicine diabetes treatments include various measures such as video or telephone visits, text reminders, CGM systems, Bluetooth glucose meters, mobile applications specially designed for diabetes management. Until recently, Telemedicine seemed like a distant future, an emerging treatment with promising but limited access. Then both clinicians and patients entered this technological future, whether they were ready or not. Now that so much infrastructure has been built over the past year and so many of…

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Telemedicine Services – Empowering Patients & Improving Lives

Telemedicine services, Telemedicine services, Telemedicine software, vcdoctor

Telemedicine solutions for healthcare providers and medical practitioners have switched to increasingly sophisticated technology in recent years to support their patients and retain a healthcare marketplace advantage. It has been shown that the incorporation of virtual treatment into a service line approach has several advantages, not least enhancing patient outcomes. It is important to first understand exactly what aspects of treatment can be achieved by remote care technology before deciding how virtual treatment of your patients can help you achieve ideal results. Offers of telemedicine solutions can range from asynchronous…

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