What is Difference between EMR vs EHR

Difference between EMR vs EHR

Many people perceive EMR and EHR interchangeably. But do you know what is the difference between EMR & EHR? The article gives a precise definition of both of the terms i.e. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR). Check every piece of information carefully. Every term accompanies different senses and benefits. The post is a guide on “EMR vs EHR: What is the Difference.” So let’s get started. 

EMR Systems Meaning?

Electronic Medical Records abbreviated as EMR meaning medical are electronic versions of the documents or charts placed in the physician’s clinic. The data are not shared outside the clinic premises. These are mainly utilized for the diagnosis and treatment of the patients care. 

It may include on paper records, medical conditions like medical records, diagnosis, medications, allergies, immunization dates, etc. The treatment aspect is quite inappropriate somewhere as the data doesn’t easily go off the practice place. In some cases, the PHI has to be printed or mailed to the respective authority for treatment. 

There are some of the common what does emr stand for:

  • It traces data over time
  • It can easily track which patients are still due for preventive screening & routine checkups.
  • The reports can explain, how well a patient data is going on the prescribed treatment. 
  • It facilitates all the cure and diagnosis parameters.   

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EHR Systems Meaning?

EHR firstly stands for Electronic Health Record mechanism. This is also an electronic way of representing the patient’s information, other details, etc. to the respective person. The information is generally in the form of snapshots. It holds many great benefits that are being discussed below:

  • It simplifies the sharing of updated & real-time information.
  • Helpful in decision-making and offering authentic treatment.
  • This gives a detailed account of the patient’s medical histories condition like allergies and radiology images to the concerned lab result. 

The technology also provides a patient portal that enables the improve patient care to enter their medical conditions from any corner of the world. EHR Solution allows doctors to gain access to PHI in the emergency rooms. These were the definition of EMR & EHR terminology. Now comes the differentiation between the two. Read all the details with full concentration. 

What is the difference between EMR and EHR?

After reading the definition and benefits of Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Health Records, here comes a quick differentiation. This is taken from the information presented above and deals with EHR vs EMR:

EMR (Electronic Medical Record)Electronic Health Record (EHR)
This is the digital version form of chart or health graphsThis is the electronic version of health information
This is not accessible outside the individual premisesIt caters to the need of sharing updated & real-time information
The patient’s record is complex to move furtherHelps in moving the PHI easily 
This is used by providers for diagnosis and treatmentProviders can get access to the tool for decision making

EHR and EMR are widely used terms. The concept of EHR is now more frequently observed. This is because the authorities like Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information (ONC) utilizes these terms more promptly. 

When we express the term “Medical Reports” it means some sort of clinical data documentation of diagnosis and treatment. But when we express the term “Health Records” it means we are speaking of health and medical conditions. 

Since 2014, Black Book Ranking has shown around 31% of practices have adopted an EHR. Electronic Medical Records are not that defining and hence EHR is what people prefer more over the EMR technology.  

What Are the Benefits of EHR & EMR?

Now speaking of the benefits then these two terminologies explains vital benefits. Both of the segments are drawing huge advances in the health care industry and providing services at very affordable costs. Some popular benefits of EHR & EMR Technology are as follows:

  • Both of the segments give accurate information and up-to-date healthcare services. 
  • Patient’s health graphs and charts are much more exact as it is done electronically. 
  • It avoids duplicate testing which saves time and money for both patient and provider.
  • These complete information services fast and accurate treatment of chronic diseases. 

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How to Choose From EHR vs EMR Technology?

The selection of the healthcare software is more like the process of choosing the other IT-evidence Based software. This is the same confusing and time-consuming process. With so many healthcare software development companies, it becomes much more confusing.  

Hence, narrow downing the research part may help you a lot. But How? Well, you can obtain feedback, suggestions, etc. from the person utilizing the EHR & EMR suits for very long. Moreover, you need to consider the requirements of your business before settling up a facility. So considering these aspects, your business would need Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions. 

The next side of the coin says, If your business is focused on a particular matrix and health data do not travel outside the premises then EMR version is the best thought. Many businesses utilize these terms on interchangeable patterns. Therefore, consider your business aspect first and then implement these prominent technologies. 

How Much Does EHR & EMR Technology Costs to Healthcare Providers?

The setting of this software generally gives a headshot to the pocket. The very first step is to configure the software properly. After this, you have to estimate the direct and indirect expenses. 

The clinics with multi-physician capacities will end up to $1,62,000 to implement an EHR or EMR. The first maintenance cost will come around $85,000. The software then is expected the cost invested within 2.5 years of span. It will then provide a benefit of $23000 per year. 

So this is the overall details on the cost incurred in implementing the Electronic Medical & Health Record facility at the healthcare center. 


So these were the common benefits, EHR vs EMR Difference and much other related information. A user or healthcare provider who is seeking to set up one of the two can find these details beneficial. VCDoctor has a list of perfect solutions for you. We help healthcare providers in unleashing their full capacity to treat patients information through telemedicine by delivering them sophisticated telemedicine solutions. Feel free to get in touch with our experts to know more.  

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