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The growth of HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform can be measured by its high demand for healthcare organizations and hospitals for their healthcare industry. Now it has become easier to launch a telemedicine app or software to expand the healthcare domain with the help of technology and increasing equipment availability.

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided an opportunity for the healthcare sector to move towards telemedicine. Telemedicine has grown exponentially, and the transition to remote care to bring it into line with the guidelines of social distancing has contributed to this growth.

Due to COVID-19, the demand for telemedicine services has grown enormously. By this growth, it can be said that telemedicine is the future of healthcare. Telemedicine helps in consultations between patients and healthcare professionals.

During this crisis, many telemedicine software and applications were developed worldwide, and people preferred to use solutions instead of a personal visit. This is where people preferred- VCDoctor. 

Let us know everything about this HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform that is serving the healthcare industry across the world.

What is VCDoctor?

VCDoctor is a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform that brings patients and physicians together in a single platform for easy and hassle-free communication. It is an extensive medical platform that connects patients and doctors for teleconsultation. This HIPAA compliant telehealth platform offers the best telemedicine app and web features for everyone to provide better and immediate assistance to patients.

VCDoctor is considered to be the next-level telemedicine solution for doctors and hospitals. This service helps in giving emergency treatment that saves the lives of people. For best consultation, it offers HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform secure chat, HD video conferencing, appointment booking, payment method, e-prescription, SOAP notes, EMR, and EHR.

VCDoctor works on the two most revolutionary concepts in the healthcare sector. These terms are “Preventive Healthcare” and “Digitization of the Health Records.” It helps to remove distance barriers and increase access to medical services that are often not reliably available in remote rural areas.

Benefits of VCDoctor

VCDoctor is considered to be the best telemedicine platform. According to stats, around 31% of healthcare institutions use video-based telemedicine services, while 34% of patients offer remote monitoring. Thus, it is a vast platform that is growing widely in the field of healthcare. VCDoctor is most recommended as it has the best UX/UI design, which gives an extreme user experience. Let us understand the benefits of the telehealth solution- VCDoctor.

Free EHR

This service is a blessing in an emergency when a person forgets to collect all documents before going to the hospital. However, if a person keeps medical records online, hospital staff can quickly review them and begin treatment immediately.

Cloud Data Storage

VCDoctor is a cloud-based telemedicine app due to which nothing is stored on any particular machine or device. Through this, you can access the document from anywhere across the world. The only thing you need is an internet connection and your credentials.

Secured Data

All your data is secure when using VCDoctor. No one can upload, edit, or view information without your permission. The entire data you enter is confidential and is stored on our servers in an encrypted format.

Easy to Access

You can easily search your record with just a few clicks from anywhere and at any time. With the search option, you can easily access your oldest data in just no time.

HIPAA Compliant

To protect your privacy, security, and integrity of protected health information, VCDoctor follows HIPAA Compliance and gives the surety of commitment. 

100% Responsive

VCDoctor is a fully responsive app and website to provide the best user experience. Not only this, but it is platform-independent, and you can easily use it without any zooming, scrolling, or resizing issues.

Media Support

VCDoctor telemedicine app allows patients and doctors to share the media, which eases the task of understanding. The reports, prescriptions, etc., can easily be shared without any disturbance.

Features of the HIPAA Compliant telehealth platform

Features of the VCDoctor

VCDoctor offers the best features, including online booking appointments, eConsent, doctor app, patient app, automated follow-up, telemedicine reports, and feature list endless. So, let us deep-dive into the features of VCDoctor to know why people prefer this telemedicine app.

1. Alerts Reminder and Notifications

VCDoctor has this feature of alerts where you get regular notifications about your health and regular checkups. Not only this, you receive notifications about the app updates and the vital information that is mandatory to know.

2. Doctor’s Using Various Criteria

You will find extensive the doctors having years of experience in different fields. For improved goal setting and long-term treatment plans, VCDoctor helps improve the communication and collaboration between you and your doctor.

3. User Membership Plan

Through this feature, the user can choose the best plan as per their requirement. The providers can provide a user membership plan as per their criteria and ask their patients to choose the best plan. Through this feature, the patients can leverage many benefits.

4. Payment History

Both patient and provider can see the payment history anytime and anywhere. This feature helps in keeping the payment data secure and checking whether the payment is appropriately made or not. You will not have to worry about the money you spent as this feature provides complete detail of your payment history.

5. Video Consultation

Through this feature of VCDoctor, the patients and providers can connect and have a video consultation to discuss the health issue in detail. It gives the same feel as an in-person visit to your comfort zone. This feature saves expensive and cumbersome trips to the doctor and endless waiting times.

6. HIPAA Compliant Solution

VCDoctor is a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform solution that directly indicates how safe and secure this platform is. For a smooth and robust consultation process and treatment, the system must be HIPAA compliant. 

7. Manage Users

VCDoctor provides this feature of managing users at just your fingertips. The providers can check the details of the users without any hassle. The speed of managing and searching the users is just apt. This is what makes VCDoctor an excellent telemedicine solution.

8. Appointment Booking and Scheduling System

VCDoctor is an appointment booking and scheduling system through which you can make appointments by just sitting at your home without hampering your daily tasks. Not only this, but you can also reschedule the appointment if you miss the previous one. 

9. QR-Based Visit

Now, schedule meetings with just the push of a button. Through QR codes, hospitals can easily have patients book appointments, and through this feature, the admin can see when and where the appointments have been made.

Specifications of VCDoctor

VCDoctor helps in shifting from a traditional healthcare system to an advanced healthcare system. Telemedicine allows any doctor to provide remote services. This may include treatment of allergies, flu, any acute or chronic disease on the platform itself. Providing an e-prescription helps patients to adhere to recommended medication.

This platform is available on the web, Android, and iOS. Let us look into its specifications to know more about this flawless platform.

Specification of vcdoctor
Specifications of VCDoctor

More User-friendly Flow

Increase Practice Profitability

Time & Cost-effective

Security & Mobility

Insightful Reports Generation

HIPAA Compliant

Best Membership Plans

Secure Video Conferencing

Protected Payment Gateways

Separate Admin panel to Manage Users

VCDoctor Solutions

VCDoctor provides solutions for patients, providers, clinics, and start-ups. This HIPAA-compliant telemedicine software helps with consultations anytime and anywhere. Not only this, but due to its unique features, you save time and money.

Patient AppClinic AppProvider AppStartup App
Doctor SearchHD 2-way VideoE PrescriptionHighly Customizable
Appointment Booking & SchedulingOnline Booking AppointmentMobile payments and billingTrue White-label
Video ConferencingOnline Payment CollectionEasy access to prescriptions and notesLatest Development Tools
Online PaymentElectronic ChartingRPM IntegrationBuild your Server
Manage Personal Health RecordsPatient e-visit ManagementEasy appointments ManagementSupport after Launch
E-PrescriptioneConsentHIPAA CompliantScalable Solution
Medical RecordsAutomated Follow up CallAppointment Booking SystemRobust App
Data SecurityTelemedicine ReportsVideo ConferencingEasy Operation
Registration featureIntegrationPayment Gateway IntegrationEnd to End Support
Text ConsultationsCompliance & SecurityAccess to Patient RecordsData Ownership

Reasons to Choose VCDoctor

VCDoctor platform enables healthcare providers to increase revenue, reduce overhead costs, and improve turnover during peak hours. Let us look at why you must choose VCDoctor:

  • VCDoctor has a team of dedicated IT professionals having great experience in the healthcare field.
  • VCDoctor follows the standards of the dynamic healthcare IT industry.
  • This platform provides support to the customers whenever they need our help.
  • The telemedicine provider has successfully implemented various healthcare IT projects according to customers’ requirements.
  • Apart from better healthcare, patients can save time and money.
  • Doctors get an advanced case management system. Not only this, but they see an increase in revenue and save more lives.
  • Hospitals allow greater scope, optimized time, and analysis of sources of medical problems by reading data.

VCDoctor Deployment And Support

SupportDeploymentTraining Software
Email/Help DeskCloud, SaaS, Web-basedDocumentation
Knowledge Base SoftwareWindows (Desktop)Videos
24/7 (Live Rep)Mac (Desktop)
Phone SupportiPhone (Mobile)
ChatAndroid (Mobile)
FAQs/ForumiPad (Mobile)


VCDoctor is a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform and a white-label solution that is customized according to your needs. The software allows physicians to communicate with patients for routine appointments via a secure video stream. The software includes entire patient and physician support, EHR integrations, billing, and reimbursement tools. 

To leverage the benefits of VCDoctor, get in touch with us with our experts or book a DEMO!

HIPAA Compliance Telemedicine Platform

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