How is VCDoctor Beneficial for Hospitals?

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Not surprisingly, consumers have embraced telehealth. But VCDoctor is here to stay and help hospitals in every situation. After all, the smartphone population is used to personalized content, knowledge, and on-demand services. In the same way, they want the technology to enhance their life to make their healthcare more comfortable, personal, and connected.

Most hospitals operate at almost full capacity during regular hours, so virtual consultation significantly reduces additional pressure. With the introduction of advanced remote healthcare solutions and the benefits of telemedicine, physicians are expanding their reach to examine and diagnose more patients in less time. This will obviously minimize the number of patients entering the hospitals.

Telemedicine reduces the workload of hospitals. There are numerous benefits of telemedicine for hospitals that help doctors provide the best care virtually. But do you know that telemedicine was almost minimal before COVID-19, but after this pandemic, the use of this growing telemedicine has increased tremendously!

Most hospitals still do not have access to health care because it was previously mainly considered an outpatient or acute care facility.

Best Telemedicine For Hospitals: VCDoctor

It is worth noting that hospitals currently have different capacities to deploy telemedicine, but those who can provide telemedicine to any extent will see the benefits. Hospitals have not leveraged telehealth technologies in the past, but now they are ready for this revolution. One of the top telehealth solutions is “VCDoctor.”

VCDoctor is the Telemedicine for hospitals that allows hospitals to remotely control the most critical aspects of their practice on smartphones, laptops, or tablets. This telehealth urgent care solution allows clinics to visit patients outside their area and create digital data with a few clicks.

VCDoctor is a white-label solution that can be branded for your practice along with your name and logo. Not only this, but as per the requirement of hospitals, this solution offers custom integrations with external systems and devices. 

This HIPAA-compliant solution is available on browsers and smartphones. We believe in providing flexibility to the patients and providers, so, with the help of this telemedicine appointment app, patients can quickly get in touch with you in their comfort zone. With VCDoctor, you can reduce the need for in-clinic visits by allowing patients to ask questions and receive treatment options remotely without coming to the office.

The solution can be implemented quickly and extensively by training and implementing medical staff within one day. Hospitals and the users of this solution can use built-in two-way messaging to communicate via text in a secure, HIPAA-compliant way, whether you’re using a browser or an application. 

Features of VCDoctor for Hospitals

Hospitals are expanding their telemedicine services and are also finding opportunities to train staff on a shorter schedule. VCDoctor is a video doctor appointment app that provides several features to hospitals.


HD 2-way Video

Online Booking Appointment

Online Payment Collection

Electronic Charting


Patient e-visit Management

Automated Follow up Call

Telemedicine Reports


Compliance & Security

Benefits of VCDoctor for Hospitals

VCDoctor offers robust training modules so that the users can launch their software or app. This helps practitioners rely on these resources to deploy telemedicine quickly. The benefits of VCDoctor for patients are obvious. But do you know the benefits of telemedicine for hospitals? Let us look into them in detail.

Earning Additional Revenue

Many people face inconvenience regarding the quality of healthcare they are receiving. There may be difficulty in reaching the doctors due to transportations or being far away from hospitals. To avoid this inconvenience, VCDoctor provides video doctor appointments through which the doctor consults the patients via video calls at their comfort zone. With the help of this healthcare solution, hospitals can attract new patients who prefer using telemedicine software or apps. This is a great solution to get more patients without the hassle and earn more revenues.

Greater Visibility in the Community

People are now interested in using telemedicine solutions, and the growth of telemedicine in COVID-19 pandemic was enormous. One of the top telemedicine solutions is VCDoctor, and with the help of this white-label telemedicine platform, hospitals attract media attention and new patients. Hospitals enjoy greater visibility because of health apps, virtual visits, and innovative remote patient monitoring solutions.

Minimum Readmissions

Hospitals want to minimize the readmission rates, which will result in higher patient satisfaction. VCDoctor- the telehealth urgent care helps them achieve these goals by using real-time patient data provided by this solution. With the help of this, the doctors can analyze and spot negative trends and avoid readmission by providing proper care before patients’ problems are severe.

Increasing staff productivity

As doctors and nurses face issues with their free time, efficiency is among the important benefits of telemedicine for hospitals. Telemedicine appointment saves patients time which directly indicates less challenge for staff. With VCDoctor, hospitals only see enhanced staff productivity.

Virtual Training For Medical Staff

The Healthcare sector keeps evolving, so doctors must be upgraded accordingly. So, regular training is provided to the medical staff through VCDoctor. This is cheap and saves other expenses such as conference or training registration fees, travel expenses, etc. Doctors can attend conferences with the help of video conferencing technology to learn new techniques and procedures.


These are just some of the benefits of telemedicine for hospitals. With the advancing technologies, more and more healthcare systems are attracted to these pioneering technologies. They will undoubtedly find new ways to enhance patient experience and get the best outcomes through these advancements. 

VCDoctor offers the product and serves you as a technology partner to help your company grow. Now, hospitals can securely send various forms, files, and photos to patients. Get in touch with our experts and book a demo today!

The benefits of vcdoctor for your hospitals

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