How to develop a Video Conferencing App


The Video Conferencing app helps users to hold face-to-face meetings in various places without having to travel together to a single venue. Video conferencing apps are especially useful for business users in various cities or even continents because it saves time, costs, and business travel-related hassles. Video conference applications include conducting daily meetings, business deals etc. In this article, we are going to discuss How to develop a Video Conferencing App.

In today’s world, video conferencing applications are necessary for every company including mobile and Web Application Development companies.

How To Build A Best Video Conferencing App?

Let’s see all that mobile app developers need to do for building a Video Conferencing App:

1. Determine the Key Features of Your Own Video Conferencing App:-

In designing a video calling app, you need to remember a range of basic features that are a must-have. User experience may be influenced by conceptualizing a complicated device and attempting to incorporate too many features at once. Hence make a list of features that serve as your mobile app’s basic components. Many of these are the:

2. User Registration:-

Enable the users to choose between three registration methods. The first is to sign in via social media accounts such as Facebook or Instagram. The second is regular scratch registration using an email, name, and other contact information. The third is to register by telephone number.

3. User Profiles:-

Within a video chat app, a user profile should allow users to view basic information such as images, names, and a short summary.

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4. Search and Add Friends in Video Conferencing App:-

Video chat apps are all about communication and interactions. Add features that allow users to locate people, locate friends, and invite them to enter a conversation. Consider introducing a feature that can import contacts from a user’s account on the phone or social media.

5. User Status:-

For a communication-based app, it’s crucial that users see if their video chat partner is away, on a cell phone, or not available. Users will be able to see other users’ status and understand whether they’re available for a chat.

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6. Text Chat:-

Even if the internet connection is poor, text-based chat should always be available in a video chat app. Not every big video chat network app has that feature, but for a better user experience, we advise you not to skip it.

7. Video and Voice Calls:-

Finally, there is the feature of video chat. Above, we discussed features that almost every app should have. Now we’re discussing the function that makes what it is, a video call app. If adding a video call feature, remember to let users turn on and off the camera, view the screen and mute / unmute the microphone. Also, don’t neglect simple voice calls, because they can be very costly to replace ordinary phone calls.

8. Group Video Chats:-

Remember to include a group video call option when building a video chat app — particularly if you want to create a video chat app right now when the entire world is in quarantine. People need to communicate with their friends about this feature.

9. Push Notifications:-

Whether you’re designing a mobile app for iOS or Android, your app should feature in the notifications so you can check it instantly by sliding down your phone’s notification bar whenever a call or new message comes up.

10. Screen Sharing:-

It is the choice that allows you to share the screen with other people, providing an immense competitive benefit during the call or when you make a presentation. Sharing access to the screen significantly increases communications efficiency and enhances the consumer experience.

11. Make UI/UX Design:-

It is important at the design level that you incorporate the necessary UX elements into the accepted model.

To succeed, it is imperative that the user experience remains the development’s top priority which must translate into the visually pleasing interface and intuitive navigation. The checkpoint for the video call apps is the newbie’s ability to make a call and use all of the features without any hassle.

12. Backend Development for Video Conferencing App:-

Server logic is the basis for the creation of video chat apps. There are many ways backend can be created. You can either create it from scratch or use much software as a service (SaaS) solutions, like PubNub. Creating an app from scratch gives you more flexibility while SaaS solutions will save time.

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13. Testing Stage:-

Hence the value of quality assurance is important. Sure, launch an ideal product is unreal. Developers can address issues after they receive input from users. Also, in the initial version, the fewer bugs are the better user experience.

Until launching your application, make sure that every line of your code functions as it should because bugs can lead to failure and leakage of data from the device.

A complete product can of course not be launched. Developers correct several issues after they receive user feedback. But, still, the smaller the bugs, the greater your app’s chances of getting good.

Benefits of Video Conferencing Application:

There are many benefits of the Video Conferencing app for mobile app development companies. Some are given below:

1. Reduced Travel Time and Costs:-

Video conferencing has the advantage of reducing travel time and expenses. The willingness of managers, internal teams, and IT workers to be at client meetings or solve issues without leaving their offices will help improve profitability in business. Providing video capabilities will create a compelling product for your customers. Even recruiting can be less of a concern if the applicant can be assessed from the recorded video call by individuals unable to be part of the live interview process.

2. Offers Greater Flexibility with Video Conferencing App:-

If you have ever tried to arrange a meeting with more than three people, and at the same time have tried to get those people to the same venue, you know the problem. With video conferencing,  It doesn’t matter where the meeting members are situated and you have more versatility and privacy. If you give a presentation to a large audience, you can use the conference technology to record it and then make it accessible to those who are unable to “attend” the live event.

3. It Improves Communication:-

Research has shown human beings process visual information faster and more accurately than text and audio. Therefore, if you hold a meeting by video conferencing, the guests can retain more details and appreciate it more efficiently than they would if you had an audio meeting.

4. Increasing Productivity Across the Board:-

Individuals are more efficient when they can have direct access to tools, knowledge, and guidance without delay. Platforms for video conferencing include key points of contact to ensure this is the case within your company.

5. Recording Tools in Video Conferencing App:-

Most video conferencing systems, such as Zoom, allow for the recording of meetings. Recordings may help ensure key points from a meeting are not overlooked.


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