Telemedicine app features for Doctors and Patients

Telemedicine App Features For Doctors, Telemedicine App Features For Patients, Telemedicine App Features For Doctors And Patients

Telemedicine has begun to transform the healthcare industry. It is now the primary aim of healthcare companies. Our software developers have outlined the telemedicine app features for doctors and patients that should be present in telemedicine software.

Telemedicine software is a great solution when it comes to regular checkups or dealing with patients who have difficulty getting to their appointments either from lack of transportation choices or mobility problems. It has also become an important factor in mitigating the spread of infection and shielding your patients from virus exposure.

With several suppliers offering telemedicine solutions, choosing the best telemedicine platform for your practice can be challenging and daunting. Our medical software specialists have outlined the telemedicine app features that should be present in telemedicine software to make you trust in your decision-making process. ‎There are always two sub-apps in a telemedicine app, one for the patients and the other for the doctors:

Telemedicine App Features for Doctors

Some features of the telemedicine app for doctors are as same as the patient app. There are some main features of telemedicine, on the other hand, that should be implemented: Profile order for patients to review their backgrounds, certifications, hospital affiliations, etc., doctors should be able to build profiles.

1. Scheduling

Doctors should be able to make adjustments to their schedules and monitor their availability day-to-day.

2. Manage Appointments

After choosing doctors, via a telemedicine app, the patients make an appointment. They will also provide brief information relating to their health status and also connect medical records. The app manages time slots and finds available medical experts. The doctor is now able to get the appointment and fill out their schedules accordingly.

3. In-app Chat or Message

This feature of telemedicine software allows patients to send messages, including prescriptions and reports, and share their data. Advancing technologies will take the production of telemedicine applications to a new stage. However, since these data have confidential details about patients, the role should have additional protection.

4. Provide Digital Prescriptions

The telemedicine app will allow doctors to prescribe the right medication and medicine. Patients can order medications using doctors’ prescriptions or get other health services via the app, such as lab tests.

5. Visit Medical Records for Patients

The choice of viewing the medical history of patients enables physicians inside the telemedicine application to visit the medical history of patients. All patient visits along with the doctor’s name, visit date, and form of care given by doctors are displayed in the patient history tab. It makes doctors give their patients effective care.


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6. Notifications

A few minutes before it starts, notify physicians about their appointment. Also, inform physicians when an appointment is requested by a patient so that they can approve or deny it easily depending on their availability.

7. Text and video chat

For patients and physicians, this feature is the same. The implementation of text chat is simpler, so you can use it for your MVP. Video calls, however, are more effective, so in the future, you may want to consider them.

8. EHR review

EHR integration makes the workers more effective and decreases the chances of error. Give the doctor an opportunity before an appointment to check the medical history of the patient and add new details to it.

9. Video session recording

You should be able to record video and audio consultations to control the quality of your service. In the event of a conflict, this will cover both your users and physicians.

10.  EMR

Integrate the app with an EMR system so that doctors can access the medical records and lab outcomes of patients in real-time.

Telemedicine App Features for Patient

Telemedicine App Features for patients include:

1. Profiles

A patient enters their name, address, sex, age, medical history, and other vital data needed to start the treatment process to build a profile.

2. Appointments and calendar

This functionality enables users to book physician appointments and see their schedules. This time slot should be shown as taken by all other users when someone books an appointment. Users should also be able to edit appointments and cancel them.

3. Video Call or Conferencing

This feature can be leveraged by remote patients to communicate with doctors and create live, real-time interactions with them. It is important, however, to keep your app protected from any data breach. Ready-made third-party APIs will help to keep your app secure.    

4. Geo Location

To prevent travel, telemedicine applications are built for patients. For this purpose, they often request the geolocation of the user to find nearby pharmacies and hospitals, provide directions, and set estimated arrival times to the selected destination.

The search feature dramatically shortens the time needed for a patient to locate the data they are searching for, such as the eye specialist nearest to their venue.

Filters also help to sort a large amount of data available in the app and allow the patient to access the app more easily.

Depending on one or more criteria, such as specialty, ratings, proximity, etc., patients should be able to look for a doctor.

6. Real-time Visits

Via video and audio calls, patients may communicate with doctors. For physicians to remotely observe patients to identify signs and symptoms of illnesses, video conferencing should be seamless and high quality.

7. Notifications

A few minutes before the scheduled time, alert patients of upcoming appointments. Often, when the appointments are accepted or denied, inform patients.

8. Cloud-based e-record storage

They receive e-Medical record storage that includes all their data, including medical data and contact history, once patients have established their accounts. These records may be shared with another doctor, a partner, or another member of the family if needed.

9. Medication tracker

The app stores all prescriptions written by a doctor and send reminders to remind patients to take their medication.

10. Payment Gateway Integration

Via secured payment gateway integration, patients can pay securely. Before or after the online consultation, patients will pay.

11. Reviews

After having medical treatment and consultancy, patients can give doctors feedback. They can also share their experiences that are useful to other users.


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Telemedicine applications for healthcare are helping to improve the quality of service for both patients and doctors. There is more competition in the market now the telemedicine app’s need is rising and continues to be an important focus.

There is increasing use of telemedicine apps to treat several medical conditions. These applications are most effective when used by a doctor with in-depth knowledge of their symptoms and the treatment options available for their platform. Thanks to the many benefits that telemedicine offers, it is becoming increasingly popular among patients and doctors.

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