Best Telemedicine Software 2022: Compared

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The development of IT and mobile technology means that telemedicine software platforms have become very accessible and increasingly capable. It has been particularly useful in monitoring patients with pre-existing conditions, even at a distance. But it is important to do your homework before choosing the best telemedicine software. 

For patients, the dream is to jump into a video chat rather than drive your sick self into your office. The best telemedicine solution enables remote clinical care that allows doctors and patients to communicate online through video conferences.

So, we have come up with the best possible software-based on patient experience, deployment time, ease of use, and scalability. In doing so, we found VCDoctor to be the best choice as it includes all the things at one place that you need to implement telemedicine and focuses heavily on patient engagement.

So, now let us go through the list of best telemedicine software in detail compiled below.

What is Telemedicine Software?

Telemedicine software is a technology that allows patients and doctors to conduct remote clinical healthcare. When a doctor and patient cannot meet in person, they conduct a remote assessment or examination. This may include things like email, messaging, and calls, along with video conferencing.

Telemedicine can be best described as a type of telehealth that deals specifically with enabling communication between a doctor and a patient. The doctor and patient can use file-sharing systems to share important documents and medical images. Telemedicine software helps doctors perform virtual tasks. Vendors offer various tools for video conferencing, file sharing, scheduling, prescribing, directing, and billing.

The Benefits of Best Telemedicine Software

1. Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

Several studies have shown that patients generally prefer a telemedicine for provider rather than one who does not. The provision of telemedicine will enable patients to be better served, offering them important benefits such as easier access to treatment and more affordable research.

2. Increase the Number of Patients

As telemedicine appointments tend to be faster than personal exams, using this software allows service providers to cater to even more patients, which in turn increases revenue.

3. Decrease No Shows And Cancellations

Facilitating access to patients will reduce the number of absences and cancellations. According to some estimates, a non-attendance meeting costs the US healthcare system $ 150 billion a year and about $ 200 a day for unused time slots for independent providers.

4. Increases Revenue

In addition to reducing the overall cost of the visit, remote health is less time-consuming for both the patient and the provider. Telehealth may allow doctors to bill for unpaid telephone calls while extending working hours to collect billing time. Telehealth reduces the number of non-appearances and can improve the effectiveness of the practice.

5. No Fancy Device Needed to Connect to a Doctor

Telemedicine app development does not require special hardware to connect. Most computers and cell phones today have built-in streaming, making it easier than ever to connect. However, telemedicine is not as easy as just jumping into a Facebook stream and saying hello to a patient. HIPPA security rules apply, similar to email or text messaging.

Points to Consider While Best Telemedicine Software Comparison

In order to easily compare Telemedicine Software for your better understanding, evaluate them on the following different factors.

1. Security

Telemedicine software is helpful in storing and transmitting health information to private patients; it must be 100% secure and comply with your country’s health security. Telemedicine software on the US market is typically HIPAA-compliant, but if you plan to integrate your system with third-party software, make sure it’s HIPAA-compliant. Note that multipurpose video conferencing software is not HIPAA compliant in nature.

2. Interactive UI

Not every person views your design as effective; some likes simple ones, and others like fancy designs, try to meet in the middle. In order to reach more patients as possible, you may want to consider options that include mobile versions in addition to standard desktop software. This will still allow patients who do not have access to desktop computers to use your telemedicine services and maybe an easier option than desktop applications.

3. Features

While some features, such as appointment scheduling and video conferencingin healthcare, are essential for telemedicine software. Some features can be added to your list of required services, depending on your specific use case and your existing medical office software settings. A number of platforms deliver several features like appointment scheduling, video conferencing, patient records, document management, and their payment portal in one tool. If you already have tools for these specific features, you may simply need a telemedicine tool to complete your current setup.

Best Telemedicine Software

The global market is brimming with telemedicine platforms with great features and functionalities. Sometimes it gets confusing when choosing the best one for your business. We have created a list of the best telemedicine software.

1. VCDoctor

VCDoctor is a HIPAA-Compliant software that delivers end-to-end technology solutions. This online portal does wonders telemedicine for patients and the consultants with its amazing workflow. The patients can easily log in with a few details and browse the list of consultants to choose from as per their issue. The consultants on the portal are qualified and deliver the exact solution to the user’s issues that helps them in leading a better life.

As for the consultants, the portal behaves as a marketplace to deliver their services and generate leads along with goodwill for their services. The success of the consultants on the platform depends on their quality of services and their turnaround time. It offers an extensive list of features that consists of appointment booking, scheduling system, alerts reminder, notifications, video consultation, digital smart health card, user membership plans, managing users, and more. 

If you are a patient looking for high-quality medical advice/care, VCDoctor is the best telemedicine software for you. In order to know the platform better, you can ask for a free demo that will get you a better understanding.

2. HoloClinic

HoloClininc is a telemedicine solution that allows you to run your own online clinic and deliver excellent care to people. The Patients can avail of premium standard video calling, scheduled appointments, SMS and email notifications, payment collection, and more. The software is available for any device, whether Android, iOS, or Linux. It has affordable plans that are the best as compared to the market. HoloClinic offers features such as appointment scheduling, long-distance treatment plans, and more. It is best for individual doctors, small clinics, large clinics, etc.

3. VivaDox

Vivadox is among the best telemedicine platforms that can be best described as a HIPAA-compliant TV health solution. It allows users to book easy, fast, and secure virtual appointments along with integrated remote patient monitoring (RPM). The users can set up remote health practices as the software delivers custom solutions. Vivadox offers task-based RPM workflows that are CMS compliant. Users are offered to use plug-ins for mobile devices which transmit their readings to the portal automatically. 

When using VivaDox, users don’t have to go through complicated downloads as it is a browser-based platform that anybody can use without facing any complexity. The platform is recommended for every healthcare provider, which consists of doctors, hospital systems, therapists, nurses, doormen, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, remote patient care, and monitoring. When it comes to pricing, VivaDox starts at $ 5.00 per user per month; apart from that, it offers a free trial for the users.

4. Flex-HIS

Flex-HIS can be described as a hospital management software that helps health centers, clinics, and healthcare organizations manage billing, appointments, patients, and more. The solution includes attendance, task, and log management functionality that allows supervisors to track employee check-in / check-out, create, schedule, and track work hours, and receive real-time notifications of work in progress.

Flex-HIS delivers BEATS which is a unified platform designed to help medical providers, equipment suppliers, and other stakeholders engage and share information on technological advances and best practices. In addition, companies can use the hospital information management system to manage attendance, logs, and inventory and streamline operations in the outpatient/inpatient department, laboratories, pharmacies, and more.

5. ContinuousCare

Continuous Care can be described as a complete White Label telemedicine platform that includes telemedicine, custom branded iOS, and Android mobile applications, remote care plans for chronic conditions, text consultations, practice management, a branded patient portal, a customized domain name website. The consultants can stay connected to their patients on this platform with notifications, SMS, and mobile push notifications. The portal accepts online payments, integration of health devices. 

It is best for individual healthcare providers, clinics, and hospitals. Healthcare start-ups focused on telemedicine platforms, chronic care management, and home care. In terms of pricing, it offers its services for $ 7.00 per feature per month. Unlike other best telemedicine software, it does not offer a free version but a free trial.

6. SimplePractice

SimplePractice can be described as a cloud-based internship management system designed to simplify the business side of private practice. It’s HIPAA-compliant software that assists healthcare professionals in automating their everyday processes, like scheduling, processing payments, documenting, and more. The software offers important features such as free unlimited appointment reminders, insurance claims management, online appointment requests, and a customer portal to facilitate customer communication.

Users can submit paperless receipt forms through the customer portal, making it easy for their customers to review, sign and make payments in one place. It offers an online appointment request feature that allows patients to request a time that suits them. In addition, users can either approve or reject requests.

The system works like clockwork; when appointments are scheduled, reduce your absences by sending free unlimited reminders in terms of voice, text, and email to all your customers. The integrated telehealth platform allows users to view customers anywhere without additional logins or links.

7. Doxy. me can be explained as one of the best telemedicine solutions designed for healthcare providers and mental health practices regardless of their sizes. The platform is fully HIPAA compliant telemedicine and has extreme security integrations and features like video conferencing and a virtual waiting room. offers a mobile app that is available for iOS and Android.

The workflow of the software is extremely simple. Users can start a visit to telemedicine by clicking on the URL of the personalized space shared by the practice or individual provider via email or SMS. offers high call quality for HD video conferencing sessions as it supports high-resolution video calls for better communication

 In addition to that, is called the best telemedicine solution because its interface has real-time chat features where patients can communicate with providers via text.

It also provides a clinic dashboard that creates lists of upcoming patient appointments and helps providers transition between telemedicine sessions. Many patients can use the online registration feature on this platform, which automatically updates the provider-patient queue.


It’s obvious that each telemedicine software has its own pros and cons. You will have to go through each platform and analyze which is the best telemedicine software for you. Note that the telemedicine platforms are only evolving, and the progress greatly accelerated during COVID-19. This is the correct time to invest in telemedicine platforms. 

So, if you wish to have a reliable and custom solution, VCDoctor is the best option. The telemedicine solution has only got refined and fits medical groups across the world. But the most important thing to note is that each platform offers different features and have their specialties. So, after going through this blog, you can easily choose the best according to your business needs.

To know more, check out VCDoctor’s complete telemedicine solution now!

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